Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Drowned War #8: Flotilla City Pacifica

Our second installment in the major Flotilla City States: Pacifica

General rules

1. The Flotilla City States have a central section that the governing body inhabits
2. The City States all have a unique culture and are often influenced by preexisting corporations or their involvement with the Science and Research divisions of the World Navy (7 Helix)
3. Each City state will be made up of segments (miniature city blocks or townships) and all segments will contain a mess hall, engineering room, Security station, and Med station.
4. Some Segments will contain special properties like recycling or heavy guns and defense.
5. All Flotilla States have a Military base of operations and several depots along the perimeter.


Player knowledge: In the wake of the terrorist attack and the subsequent spill of genetic soup, Pacifica found a large portion of its population mutated. Civil unrest grew and it seemed as if Pacifica would implode. The city council quickly requisitioned several segments and quarantined the mutated population. Labeled Green Town the area, by comparison, is a slum. Dirt and rat are common as is a thriving black market of smuggled goods. Pacifica declared war on Oceania but found there their forces were outclassed. That is until the Pacifica military saw the merit in recruited mutated citizens. Mutated soldiers might be treated poorly within the city, but they've earned the respect of their squads.
Too bad that doesn't translate to respect within the city borders. 

Unique Features:
1. Population of mutated citizens, genetic apartheid
2. Black Market and smuggling operations
3. Mutated soldiers
4. Active science and genetic research facility
5. Non-invasive police force. Dress code relaxed.

The City council are as follows:
1. Dagmar Sears - Mayor
2. Julius Dean- City Manager
3. Robert Garrett – City Commissioner
4. Sherri Roberson -City Attorney
5. Patrick Wilkerson -Head of Mutant Affairs

GM Notes: (Players Beware)Pacifica hides a dark secret. The science and research division of the World Navy (7-Helix) moved the bulk of its staff to Pacifica during the Anthropocene. Decades of genetic research and manipulation affected the scientific staff and they were driven insane. Suffering a shared auditory hallucination the staff formed the Cult of the Green Blood (after genetic soup). The secret cult spliced and twisted their genes in an attempt to become hosts for their ancient Gods.

1. The City council are members of the Cult of the Green Blood, they're responsible for genetic experiments on the population and want to push human forward in evolution. The cult of the Green Blood is known to separate segments from the city proper and experiment on the population.

2. Green Town is a slum, mutated citizens are forced to live there and pure gene humans must be scanned for defects upon entering and leaving the area.

3. Poly-form mutations can occur, as can mental instability. Pacifica has a series of unsolved murders; the Police department isn't forthcoming with details. Those that know of the case believe they are looking for a poly-form labeled “The Taffy Man”.