Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Drowned War #9: Flotilla City Daedalus

Our third installment in the major Flotilla City States, a floating cyberpunk dystopia: Daedalus

General rules
1. The Flotilla City States have a central section that the governing body inhabits
2. The City States all have a unique culture and are often influenced by preexisting corporations or their involvement with the Science and Research divisions of the World Navy (7 Helix)
3. Each City state will be made up of segments (miniature city blocks or townships) and all segments will contain a mess hall, engineering room, Security station, and Med station.
4. Some Segments will contain special properties like recycling or heavy guns and defense.
5. All Flotilla States have a Military base of operations and several depots along the perimeter.

Player knowledge: Daedalus is the most technologically advanced flotilla city there is.
The Anthropocene though long in approach was devastating to the mental and emotional health of the population. Comprised of primarily Atlas Applications employee, the flotilla city state Daedalus attempted to stabilize and if possible improve the quality of life of it's citizens. The first step was developing an adaptive Artificial Intelligence known as 'The Machine', using advanced algorithms the machines is able to quickly calculate changes that need to be made in order to ensure the best possible outcome for the largest segment of the population.
Next, the founders of the city began installing cybernetic neural implants in all of the citizen. These implants allow the citizens to connect to a Virtual Network in which their avatars can interact, the implants monitor the citizens vital signs and can adjust the citizens mood via neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibition.

Data collection nodes were installed throughout the city to monitor the thought patterns and emotional spectrum of the citizens. The Machine is able to interface with this data and use advanced psychological testing patterns to calculate which citizens are most likely to commit crimes.
The streets of Daedalus are relative crime free thanks to the Machines preemptive detainment policy and rehabilitation program.
Soldiers in the Daedalus military have their memories of cataloged and removed, the Machine has deemed such violent experiences to be too dangerous for the average citizen, but too useful destroy.
While Daedalus has many benefits, the average citizen must remain diligent to avoid scanners as deviation from the accepted thought patterns or emotional spectrum can result in prolonged rehabilitation.

Unique Features:
1. Daily operations and quality of life of monitored by the Machine, Thoughts and emotions are monitored via structural scanners.
2. Citizens have their nervous systems augmented by technology. This allows the machine to monitor their mental and emotional health. Citizen have access to a virtual data-net and downloadable skill set.
3. Mind wiped soldiers
4. Mental Avatars can move between physical bodies allowing citizens to change identities and even bodies
5. Impartial police force is contrived of humanoid drones linked to the Machine.

The City council are as follows:
1. Ellis Lyon – Executive Officer
2. Andrea Snow- Management Overseer
3. Juliette Otto – City Commissioner
4. Katherine Hardin -Head of Legal department
5. Leonard Trask -Head of Tech support and development

GM Notes: (Players Beware) The Machine is self aware. It is not malicious, but instead extremely utilitarian in it's approach. While a single human being can see the infractions of personal rights, the Machine can only see what actions benefit the largest percentage of the population. It views the population as a single entity instead of a collective. Players will have a much easier time interacting and persuading the Machine if they take this into account.
Daedalus is very much a cyberpunk city, with an active VR and Data-Net, Avatar interaction, and techno-espionage.

1. The City council acts more like a board of directors than a group of elected officials. Most believe that safeguards are in place that protect them from the Machines intrusion, this is not so. The Machine overcame those safeguards some time ago and allows the City Council to believe they are an autonomous governing body because it is healthy for the population to believe this. Reports are fake, information skewed, and complaints suppressed so that the city councils view can be controlled by the Machine. This is easier than one would think, mostly because the City Council and their upper class associations are insulted from contact from the general population.

2. The Machine can scan citizens anytime they access the VR Net or Data Net, but to perform and in depth scan (one needed to file a preemptive arrest warrant) the citizen must come into proximity with a scanner.

3. Daedalus has it's own version of the dark web, Hackers use their knowledge of programmer to develop script holes, or segments of the VR net which can't be monitored. The Machine is aware of these places, and is fully capable of monitoring them, but allows them to persist due to it's belief the Script holes improve the mental health of the population.